At Grathwol Law, our dedication to our clients spans the Twin Cities and stretches across Minnesota. We specialize in a diverse array of legal areas, including estate planning, wills, trusts, elder law, medical assistance, disability law, guardianship, conservatorship, and probate estate and trust administration.

A Goal of Peace and Abundance

Our clients often approach us with concerns about their futures and the welfare of their loved ones, both in the present and beyond. Grathwol Law approaches each case with unwavering personal attention and meticulous focus. We recognize the magnitude of what’s at stake and strive to provide solutions that deliver peace of mind and security.

Guiding Families through Complexity

Dedicated to serving clients, the elderly, and those with disabilities, Pook Grathwol and Jessica Keating understand that families seek guidance through intricate legal complexities. Grathwol Law was established to offer top-tier legal guidance, advocacy, and support to individuals looking to safeguard themselves, their assets, and their loved ones. We consider it a privilege to contribute to making the lives of our clients and their families more tranquil and prosperous.

Passion Meets Expertise

As attorneys, Pook and Jessica meld personal experience with professional proficiency seamlessly. With a combined experience spanning decades across various legal domains, they possess a profound understanding of the intricate decisions involved in estate planning, elder law, and disability law. Grathwol Law is uniquely poised to guide you, offering insights that help you make informed decisions that resonate with your family’s needs and goals.

Your Legal Ally

Grathwol Law serves clients throughout the expansive Greater Twin Cities Metro Area and beyond, reaching outstate Minnesota. When you seek legal aid, you’re not just a case to us – you’re a valued partner in your pursuit of security and protection. Reach out to our Minnetonka law offices at 952-463-7194 or directly email Pook or Jessica. Your journey to legal empowerment begins with Grathwol Law.