Margaret Grathwol is the primary shareholder of Grathwol Law, PA, and is known by everyone as Pook, (rhymes with “cook”) — a childhood nickname derived from a rhyme which ended with “Margaret Mary Pickle Puss.” (She will happily tell you the full story.) Pook was born and raised in Excelsior, MN, the youngest of six siblings. The importance of family, demonstrated through the delicate maintenance of family ties and support amongst family members, has been a guiding principle all her life. Her professional choice of law naturally followed her personal values.

Dedicated to helping all clients, including elderly and disabled persons, Pook recognizes that families often need guidance through the legal complexities of death, dying, disability, and aging. She established her law firm to deliver the highest level of legal expertise and support to those looking to protect themselves and their loved ones for the future. She counts herself very fortunate to be able to make the lives of her clients and their families more peaceful and plentiful.

In her spare time, Pook enjoys sailing, quilting, and spending quality time with family and friends. She is an accomplished belly-dancer, having practiced for more than a decade, and has recently expanded her physical practice to yoga, which she loves.

“I have practiced law for 32+ years. I work in probate, wills, trusts and elder law, and have particular experience with medical assistance (EW and CADI) and help for the mentally ill. My goal is to keep working in this area and increase every year the number of lives that I touch with good, smart, caring, professional, legal representation.” — Pook