Estate Planning, Wills, and Trusts

Wills, trusts, health care directives, and powers of attorney are essential elements of a sound estate plan. The decades of experience that Grathwol Law affords will make this process simple and seamless.

Probate and Estate Administration

At death, probate is a straightforward, court assisted process to transfer the assets to a beneficiary named in a will, or to the family, as defined by law. Seldom understood, wills go through probate trusts do not.

Medical Assistance and Disability Law

We understand that dealing with aging, disability, or mental illness of a loved one can be exhausting. We will create a plan to protect assets, help access government benefits, and secure housing for your family or friend.

Elder Law

For all the concerns you may have about an elder in your life, Grathwol Law is here to guide you through the often-convoluted processes to access legal rights, benefits, and health care.

Trust Administration

Trust administration can be during life, after death, or through a disability. A trustee often needs counsel to protect the assets, minimize liability, and follow the law. We are here for you.

Guardianship and Conservatorship

When a person you know and care about is unable to care for their physical and financial well-being, a guardianship and or conservatorship may be the only solution.

Get The Legal Help You Need

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