We understand the particular demands of dealing with aging, disability or mental illness of a loved one. We will create, oversee a plan, access legal benefits, secure housing, and make their lives more peaceful and plentiful both in the present and the future.

A variety of tools may be needed for vulnerable loved ones that cannot care for themselves or their finances. We can guide you through these options, and also help you through the court process, if necessary, from drafting the paperwork to contested matters.

  1. Medical Assistance (EW and CADI) – Medical Assistance is there to help persons pay for long term care.  To qualify for these government benefits is complex and the process can be daunting. There are both financial and medical criteria that must be met to enable a person to qualify.  We can help you navigate the process. There are benefits for individuals over 65, under 65, living at home, in a nursing home, assisted living or other residential housing.  We can help you.
  2. Disability Trusts – these trusts help the disabled person receive an inheritance or keep their own assets and still qualify for government benefits for health care and housing support.
  3. Mental Health Advocate – often a family member or friend has mental health issues that have been undiagnosed and not dealt with by the family. We help you walk toward the medical care needed, obtain a proper diagnosis, and seek medication and therapies to allow the person to live a better life.  If needed we obtain county benefits to pay for housing, food, and health care.

Let Grathwol Law Take it from Here

You help the important people in your life. Let us help you. Often helping that person, especially if they don’t recognize that they need help, will raise many difficult and delicate issues. Having a neutral, seasoned professional in the room like Pook or Jessica, to help you and your family members mediate these issues and find solutions that work for everyone is invaluable.